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The most famous “TENDON” restaurant at ” YOKOHAMA ” “豊野丼”

I’m working at Yokohama Hostel Village as  MEGANE no KIMURA.

Today’s topic is Japanese food and Japanese word.

Do you know  “TENDON” ?

This word is 2mean’s at Japan.

One is Japanese comedian’s word,

Another  is Japanese traditional fast food.

“豊野丼” is  “TENDON”Restaurant name.

There is so popular “OOMORI” restaurant at YOKOHAMA.

This size  “TENDON” is ¥800-,

So good value price Every day.

This restaurant  take 5min’s by walk from Yokohama Hostel Village.



ヨコハマホステルヴィレッジ 眼鏡のきむらです。

英語で お笑いの”てんどん” をどう説明すれば良いのでしょうか。






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