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 Today I present Ibeyi’s new album “Ash”. Ibeyi is French-Cuban musical duo consisting of twin sisters. In the Yoruba language, Ibeyi (Ìbejì) means “twins”. Long long long time I dind’t buy CD.but when I went to CD shop and 1st trial listening,Immediately I thought ” I need to buy it!!! “.

(今日はIBEYIのアルバム”Ash”の紹介をしたいと思います♪IBEYIはフランス及びキューバ出身の双子姉妹デュオ。ちなみにIBEYIはヨルバ語で”双子”の意味なのだそう。ここ最近全くCDを買うって事をしてこなかったのですが、フラッと立ち寄ったCDショップでなんとなく試曲してみたところ久々に”これは買わなくては!!” となったのです。)

ok, I’m not good at english but listening without understand lylics enough, They singing like to speak so I coudn’t stop imagine what they want to explain. listening them music , make me think and image something, this mean “Not just cool sound”. Don’t you think???Please try listening it when you have a time.


Hope you like it!!see ya!!!

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