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万葉倶楽部 Manyo-club


Hi, it’s Miyuki. I’m getting use to working at YHV. It’s fun that spending time here.



Let me introduce my favorite place in Minatomirai. The place is Manyo-club.


I go there in relaxing day. Soaking in hot springs and taking a bedrock bath is best for relaxing day :D Also the view from footbath of rooftop is wonderful.

館内では、自分で選んだ浴衣を着て行動できます。浴衣を着て看板の前でパシャ📷🌟 インスタ映えかな😏❔

 You can choose and wear a yukata. How about taking a photo? You may post the photo to Instagram 🙂


Still more things you can enjoy in manyo-club.

ぜひ行ってみてください😊💓  You must try it 🙂



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