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Hi!! yesterday, I went to the X’mas party of shinanoya. Party place was Italian restaurant Attimo(how many japanese dandy were there!!!) shinanoya is very famous select shop because shinanoya is 1st a foreign-goods shop that estabilished 1866 at yokohama.at that time yokohama is the base of foreign trade in Japan and export silk,japanese tea …etc.The founder Chojiro Yoshizawa thought import from wetern countries.at first customers were not japanese, then japan became westernized . little by little growing number of japanese customers.


SHINANOYA’s customers are ambassador and consul, and many japanese celebrities, ex)japanese film director Yasujiro ozu, japanese actress Yumeji tsukioka, to order them dresses.The upper picture is japanese famous actress keiko kishi. She have big trust on SHINANOYA and order wedding dress for her wedding in France.


anway,Yokohama was the scene of many notable firsts for japan including the growing acceptance of western fashion,Japan’s first English lanquage news paper, in 1865 the first ice cream and beer to be produced in Japan.Recreational sports introduced to japan by foreign residents in Yokohama included European style House racing,cricket and rugby union…Japan’s first daily newspaper, first gas-powered street lamps…etc.Yokohama is nice for feeling japanese westernized history.

とにかく、横浜は日本で初めてのモノが多い事で有名です。西洋のファッションの受け入れに加え、英字新聞、ビールにアイスクリーム、スポーツでは競馬、クリケット、ラグビー、日刊新聞にガス灯…etc 西洋化をしていく日本の歴史を感じるのは横浜はピッタシですね♪





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