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Red Brick warehouse

This is a cultural and commercial facility that utilizes two historical buildings constructed more than a century ago.

It was built as a government bonded warehouse during the Meiji and Taisho eras.

It’s used cultural and commercial facility now.


The brick buildings house a range of cafes, restaurants and shops, while all kinds of seasonal events and performances are held there.


As evening falls, the seafront buildings light up to create a magical atmosphere.
the Red Brick Warehouse lights up orange in the surrounding darkness.
From the Red Brick Warehouse, you can take in the night view of Yokohama bay with the Bay Bridge and Osanbashi Pier at the same time as the night view of Minato Mirai.



JR and Metro. About a 15 minute walk from SakuragichoStatioin via Kishamichi. About a 15 minute walk from Kannai Station.

Minatomirai line. About a 6 minute walk from BashamichiStation or Nihon-Oodori Station. About a 12 minute walk from Minatomirai Station.

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