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firework festival around yokohama

In Summer,Japan has so many fireworks festivals! Yokohama has also has ,but already done.

If you can see the fireworks festival,you can go these fes!

Enoshima 8/22

Turumigawa 8/19

Hiratsuka 8/25

Hakkeijima sea paradise 8/26

Yokosuka 8/26

If you don’t find these area,please ask us at our lobby. Don’t tell&email plz. 🙂


This is minatomirai fireworks festival in yokohama


江ノ島 8/22

鶴見川 8/19

平塚 8/25

八景島シーパラダイスあたり 8/26

横須賀  8/26

横浜のゲストハウス  ヨコハマホステルヴィレッジ

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