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幸せなロッジでのひと時 @ “ALPIN JIRO”  


“カレー” の匂いは幸せの香りでした。

横浜で一番の歴史を誇る ゲストハウス

ヨコハマホステルヴィレッジ   眼鏡のきむら です。



“ALPIN JIRO” のカレーには辛さの中にコクと深みがあり、


外はカリッと 中はジューシーで







泊まれるヴィレッジ ヨコハマホステルヴィレッジ へも遊びに来てみてください。



In 1985, the history of accommodation lodges “ALPIN JIRO” that began at the ski resort of Ozase Tokura has evolved into a curry store that emits its unique presence in Yokohama.
Sour sale curry which does not use any flour at all is a different thing from soup style curry which is famous in Hokkaido.
The basic of the deep rich curry spreading fully in the mouth is Indian cuisine using 14 kinds of spices.
Adding secret soup stock there, continuing the work which is said to be hibernation for two days on a couple of days in stew for several days.
Finally a distinctive roundness and umami with a corner are born.
In addition, it is not an exaggeration to say that it is a meat dish, and baked large block meat luxuriously with iron plate and add it to curry as hot.
Koshihikari of Sugiyama Farm which rice was chosen.
When entangled with the soup, the rice which was cooked exquisitely so that it becomes exactly the amount of moisture in the mouth is exchanged on a flat dish which was warmed from the rice cooker using the camp.
At that moment, I feel like I was excited about going on an adventure somewhere on the mountain.
Pickiness is chosen by the height of the mountain. This is a style that does not change from the beginning of opening 32 years ago.
Try and error, add it, add it back and repeat drawing, and finally the taste of a miracle that was born in a shocking manner as if it had come down from heaven.
Today, many people visit not only Yokohama but also all over Japan and all over the world seeking this unique taste.
You are welcome to taste the miracle.

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